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Content & Learning Approach:

Participants will dive head-first into the captivating world of robotics—designing, constructing, and programming their unique robots. We'll utilize hands-on activities, team challenges, and guided instruction, ensuring that each learner gets the most out of this thrilling experience.

Event Goals:

Skill Development: Equip participants with foundational robotics and coding skills using the LEGO Mindstorms platform.

Creativity Boost: Encourage creativity and innovation as participants design robots to tackle challenges.

Collaborative Learning: Foster teamwork and collaborative problem-solving during robot building and coding activities.

Target Audience:

We're reaching out to curious young minds aged 10-18, whether they're budding tech enthusiasts or complete newcomers to robotics. Our event is tailor-made to accommodate all skill levels, ensuring every participant finds it both educational and exciting.

What Sets Our Event Apart?

Real-world Robotics: Unlike typical screen-based coding workshops, participants get hands-on with tangible robotics kits, seeing their coding efforts spring to life in real-time.

Dynamic Challenges: Kids and teens aren't just passively learning; they're solving challenges, brainstorming solutions, and witnessing the immediate results of their coding endeavors.

Collaborative Spirit: Our workshop is designed to be as collaborative as it is instructive. We believe that the best learning happens when peers share ideas, solutions, and insights.

Registration & Other Details: Every person can visit our website and register for the Project, which is available for all.

Inclusivity Focus: We're committed to diversity and inclusivity. We've earmarked slots for children from underserved communities. Indicate your background during registration for priority access.

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