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Content & Approach: we want to dive into the universe of 3D modeling and printing. Participants will explore the captivating world of Tinkercad, a user-friendly platform where imaginations come alive in a 3D space. From envisioning basic designs to bringing intricate structures to life, our workshop guarantees a comprehensive learning curve. Attendees will also witness the magic of seeing their digital creations get printed in real-time, transitioning from screen to touch.

Goals of the Event:

• To provide a solid foundation in 3D modeling using Tinkercad.

• To inspire creativity and introduce the tangible rewards of 3D printing.

• To showcase the fusion of art and technology, and how it can be leveraged in various fields.

Target Demographic: Kids and teenagers aged 10-18 with an inquisitiveness for digital design and technology. We welcome all, from absolute beginners to those who've dabbled in digital design before.

What Makes Our Event Stand Out?

1. Real-time Rewards: Beyond just designing, participants get to see their creations materialize through 3D printing.

2. Interactive & Collaborative: Attendees don't just learn; they collaborate, share, and gain feedback, making the learning process more dynamic.

3. Skilled Mentors: Our team consists of seasoned experts in 3D design and printing. They’re not just tech-savvy but are adept at simplifying complex concepts for younger audiences.

Registration & Other Details: Every person can visit our Website and register for the Project, which is available for all.

Inclusivity Focus: We're committed to diversity and inclusivity. We've earmarked slots for children from underserved communities. Indicate your background during registration for priority access.

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